Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level


**This event has been postponed to April or May 2018. Follow our group to find out the details when they are published, or contact us to inquire.**

Are You Ready?

Business leaders have every right to question the value of learning & organizational development interventions. When your business leader comes asking you, will you have the data ready to support your work? If the answer is anything except "Yes!" this course is right for you.

The Kirkpatrick Model Can Help

The Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification is the worldwide standard for evaluating the effectiveness of training. It considers the value of any type of training, formal or informal, across four levels. Level 1 Reaction evaluates how participants respond to the training. Level 2 Learning measures if they actually learned the material. Level 3 Behavior considers if they are using what they learned on the job, and Level 4 Results evaluates if the training positively impacted the organization.

What You'll Learn

During this course you will learn the four levels, receive a participant manual filled with examples and templates that you may borrow and adapt to build your own tools, and gain a complete understanding of what each level measures. You will also explore the reasons why evaluation is critical to training success and hear case studies and success stories from companies that have used the model effectively. You will learn the Kirkpatrick Decision-Making Model to help you to allocate training resources effectively.

A unique feature of this course is the exploration of how to ensure that what is learned transfers to on-the-job behaviors. You will learn why training alone is not enough, and receive guidance to make sure that what you teach actually gets used on the job. You will receive a grade and personalized comments for your own evaluation plan you submit at the end of the course to become certified.

You'll Gain The Skills To

  1. Objectively determine where to allocate training resources to create the most business impact
  2. Create an effective program evaluation plan that maximizes business results and minimizes resources employed
  3. Define the critical difference between effective training and training effectiveness
  4. Identify appropriate evaluation methods and tools for any program

About the Facilitator

Melanie Martinelli is a Kirkpatrick gold level certified professional, and a Director at C2C-OD, a global organizational development firm. Melanie is a firm believer that OD solutions should generate relevant business results thus her passion for the Kirkpatrick Model of evaluating training engagements. She is a certified Kirkpatrick Facilitator and a leader in contextualizing global content to organizational and national culture. Melanie’s passion and more than ten years of experience make her a highly sought-after facilitator across the globe.

About Us

C2C Organizational Development is a high-performing team of OD consultants, facilitators, and content designers who believe that people are at the core of an organization’s success. Our team is global in presence, ethnicity, mindset and is passionate about seeing people and organizations work better together. We have in-depth experience in multiple industries and work across all layers of an organization.
As new opportunities and challenges appear, both individuals and the organization must grow in knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment to succeed. At C2C-OD, we bring people development and business strategy together to deliver solutions with real business impact.

So, how can we partner with you to bring your people and strategy together?

We collaborate with OD and business heads to create solutions that have a sustainable impact on the organization’s performance. Our team of OD consultants specialize in trust assessments, strategy and vision alignment, change management, cultural transformation and assessment centers.
We equip L&D professionals with the tools and skills to create significant value for their stakeholders and become strategic business partners. In partnership with industry thought leaders, we offer niche certification programs around learning needs analysis, workshop design, facilitation skills and demonstrating training effectiveness.
We work across all levels and industries to build behavioral competencies and upskill your talent pool. Being official affiliates of The Center for Accelerated Learning and The Kirkpatrick Partners, we effectively assist individuals and organizations in building solid and memorable learning experiences linked to performance.
Dec 7 - Dec 8, 2017
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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM JST
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